Mobile Betting for Australians

With smartphones’ popularity exploding over the last decade, it’s no surprise that bookmakers are taking advantage to provide the simplest and quickest ways to place a bet. You’re just a few taps of your screen away from taking part right now. With over 1.75 billion smartphone users around the globe, it’s perhaps the biggest online betting community yet. This bodes well for punters, as having such a huge community means tote betting has some potentially enormous payouts, as well as a much larger variety when it comes to fixed betting options. With such a great opportunity to capitalise, now may be your best chance to get into mobile betting in Australia.

Abundance of Mobile Betting Choices

With mobile betting there is such an enormity of betting options that you will never be unable to place a wager. You can bet on any number of outcomes of a race, race day or event. It’s all there for the choosing. And there’s even more choice out there, as the types of bets are plentiful for each race, and the most common versions are explained below:

Win Bet: This bet is placed on the horse that you think will be first past the finish land. It’s a simple bet, but one that can have big rewards, especially if you wager on a horse that isn’t the favorite and it proves to be the winner. This bet is ideal for beginners and is very popular with Australian punters who have yet to grasp the complexity of trifectas, quinellas and other exotic punts.

Future bets: This is a bet for the winner or outcome of an entire tournament or event.. The odds for such a bet are usually quite high, as it is usually very difficult to accurately predict the outcome of a massive event such as this.  This means that if you can cleverly select the winner ahead of time, the payout can be absolutely massive.

Prop bets: These are all the bets that cannot be placed into a specific category. These are extremely broad and often tailored to a specific sport. An example might be in horse racing where one may bet on by how many lengths or fathoms the winning horse may win by.

Horse Racing Mobile Betting on the Rise

With mobile betting having had such an exponential growth over the past few years, it’s easy to see why so many Australian online sportsbooks now cater for iPhone, iPad, android and other smartphone an tablet users. With huge events happening all the time, there’s always a prime opportunity for a wager. You just need to know how horse racing betting works, and understand the bets, and this may be the most lucrative pass time ever.

At the online bookmakers for mobile that we suggest you can bet on local and international horse races, and get in on the action of Crown Oaks day, the Grand National, Kentucky Derby and Cox Plate. Thanks to mobile betting you’ll ever miss a chance to punt, and at the sites we suggest you’ll always get great odds and be treated to generous returns.